Saturday, May 30, 2020, 7:00pm, Honey Whiskey Trio, vocal harmony group, $20.00 Canceled

By | January 31, 2019

Canceled, sorry!

Three lovely, brilliant young women, singing folk, gospel and bluegrass songs through a jazz-infused filter, with stunning harmonies and body percussion – this is Honey Whiskey Trio. These three graduates of the esteemed Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at Cal State Long Beach have been enchanting audiences wherever they have performed.  They will bring their honey harmonies back to Fiddlers Crossing on Saturday, May 30, 2020, at 7 p.m., and fans of vocal music will want to be there.

The Honey Whiskey Trio explores harmony in unique ways, in songs from folk and  bluegrass to gospel, and any melody that catches their ear. They consider themselves “storytellers in song,” with roots in vocal jazz. They all sang at different times in Long Beach State’s award-winning vocal jazz ensemble, Pacific Standard Time. This foundation in jazz gives Honey Whiskey Trio the flexibility to adjust their tone and style to fit the mood of the song. Actual instrumentation is minimal—just an occasional guitar or mandolin. They mostly augment their gorgeous voices with foot stomping and body percussion.

Honey Whiskey Trio was formed 2012 and began winning national awards in vocal harmony competitions after only five months together.  They have gone on to be headliners at numerous A cappella and other festivals around the country. John Neal, Harmony Sweepstakes executive producer, calls them, “One of the most talented vocal harmony groups performing today.”

The trio of  Courtney Gasque Politano, Ann Louise Jeffries Thaiss, and Christina Wilson all have degrees in music, but have varied family backgrounds.

Courtney Politano grew up on a horse farm in Vermont, in a musical family. When they weren’t riding, someone was always practicing, she says. She earned her BA in music education and French horn from Indiana University, and MA in vocal jazz at Bob Cole. She teaches music in a local school as well as privately.

Ann Louise Thaiss hails from Virginia. She moved to Long Beach in 2008 to get her Bachelor’s in vocal performance.  She is a member of Vox Femina Los Angeles, as well as the Honeys. She teaches preschool music as well as private voice and piano.

The third Honey, Christina Wilson, is a Southern California native from the Inland Empire. Like the others, she holds a Bachelors in vocal performance and jazz from Bob Cole. She has sung with the Pacific Chorale, Vox Femina and the Honeys. She is part of the vocal faculty at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, and teaches with her fellow Honeys in their community outreach programs. A skilled composer and arranger, she has written pieces for school vocal ensembles that are performed throughout the United States.

For a truly “harmonious” and enchanting evening, join Honey Whiskey Trio at Fiddlers Crossing on May 30, 2020.