Friday. March 8, 2019, 7:00pm, Whitherward, Indie Folk duo, $20.00

By | April 23, 2018


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Founded in January 2014, Nashville-based singer/songwriters Ashley E. Norton and Edward A Williams, tired of the trench warfare that typifies the music industry, opted to keep things simple; an acoustic duo with meaningful music, pushing the boundaries of their own creative energy. Just a short year after creation, the indie outlaws are moving to the Wild Wild West. “Every other band is moving to Nashville, so that’s why we’re moving out,” says Ashley. The band wears all black attire adorned in buttons they’ve acquired from their travels. They perform songs that make you laugh, songs that make you cry and songs you can sing along to, from artists such as Genesis, Led Zepplin, Tom Petty, Jewel, Radio Head, as well as original compositions (see full list below). When they are not making the audience laugh with their off-the-cuff banter, Whitherward can perform anywhere from 1-4 hours of music as a duo, or a trio or full band upon request.

Currently, the pair has played in several states across the country, entertaining audiences of all sizes. Tours have already been completed through Missouri, Arizona, Tennessee, Texas, California, Colorado, Georgia, and Nevada with many more states lined up. The duo’s initial release, “Stardust”, encompasses a wide range of sounds and issues, bringing with it a raw power and acute sense of self-examination. They are currently self-producing their sophomore release, “Music Monster.”

A blend of modern americana, classic folk, and 90’s rock (ceremoniously dubbed “power folk”), the duo has a sound that appeals to many different groups from all walks of life, and therein lies the group’s greatest drive – to uncover the next great excitement, the next big fan, the next song that hits so close to our true selves. And in this pursuit, we ask: whitherward lieth the way home?



“Whitherward accomplished what, in my mind, few folk bands are capable of doing: standing out in a venue known for rock, country, and all things loud and abrasive.”

“Norton, along with Williams, have created a very intimate, emotionally charged and gutty EP, Stardust. I hadn’t heard Norton perform in person for almost three years and I held zero expectations. After all, three years is a very long time, and performers, music, and life, changes. For the good, in this case.”