Friday. March 8, 2019, 7:00pm, Whitherward, Indie Folk trio, $20.00

By | April 23, 2018

Whitherward is a band with a unique story. Upon it’s creation in 2014, Edward A. Williams and Ashley E. Norton set a goal to leave Nashville and play music they love, for people who love music. With the addition of violinist/mandolinist, Stephanie Groot, they have spent the last four years on a permanent tour without a home base. The trio wanders the USA and Europe, exploring the many sub-genres of folk and Americana. They hit a milestone in 2018 with a sponsorship from Subaru Europe, traveling overseas for just under two months, releasing an episode of “Songs From A Subaru” in each city on tour. Compared to a modern-day Simon & Garfunkel, with influences of rock, folk, jazz, classical and singer/songwriter. They have a versatile bouquet of music videos that range from weird to wild. A live performance full of comedy, friendship, intricate arrangements, deeply unique solo’s and thunderous harmony. Come hear the stories behind the songs, music and experience the life on the road…but knowest thou whitherward?



“Whitherward accomplished what, in my mind, few folk bands are capable of doing: standing out in a venue known for rock, country, and all things loud and abrasive.”

“Norton, along with Williams, have created a very intimate, emotionally charged and gutty EP, Stardust. I hadn’t heard Norton perform in person for almost three years and I held zero expectations. After all, three years is a very long time, and performers, music, and life, changes. For the good, in this case.”